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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how Performance Driven, LLC, can work with you and your business to ensure you stay confidently in control and in the driver’s seat as you encounter the twists and turns on the road to success!

Service Offerings Summary

Business Coaching

Formal coaching sessions where I function as a resource to hold the business owner and management teams accountable, firmly in the driver's seat and fully in control of their business.


Coaching sessions feature no long-term commitments. However, discounts apply when purchased in blocks of 3 months and paid in full. Coaching sessions are suited for both new and established businesses, as the coaching program can be developed for one-on-one meetings with the owner ($125/month) or for group settings with management or sales teams ($200+/month) with the owner later receiving detailed feedback and assessments on different departments in the business.


Strategic Consulting Engagement – CFO & COO Services

Thorough turnkey services consisting of one to multiple months of a formal "boots on the ground" engagement. Great option to achieve specific results in a timely period.


$1,500 - $5,000, payments scheduled over one to multiple months. Best suited for established small to medium sized businesses. Clients are typically in a growth phase but have not yet reached a point where they need to hire a full-time CFO/COO individual and offer the accompanying competitive salary and benefits package.


A la Carte and Concierge Services

Great option when you need feedback and analysis on existing or draft stage business plans, want to prepare a pitch or presentation deck for lenders or investors, or need a summary memo prepared to help you in your decision making.

$75 - $125 per transaction