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"You go where you look" is a mantra known by every motor sports aficionado. I will work with you to keep your eyes up, looking through the twists and turns found on the road every business must take, helping you anticipate obstacles in your way and developing a strategy to help you reach your destination and achieve your goal.

Established Businesses

I specialize in working with established businesses that are ready to grow. My approach to consulting is built on asking insightful questions about your specific situation and synthesizing additional resource information to provide clear, prompt, and concise recommendations. Oftentimes, clients utilize my consultation services to help them better understand the context of a specific situation so that they can make the most of expensive meetings with attorneys and accountants.

My service packages are designed to help you feel more confident about the consequences of your decisions. Whether you are debuting a new service or product, assessing the financial strength of your business or that of a potential acquisition, or you want to ensure you establish the right processes and procedures in place for sustainable business growth, my service packages are geared to give you the peace of mind of knowing that a trusted adviser is close at hand. I can work directly with you, the business owner, or identified members of your team, to help bring a project to a successful completion.

Start Ups

Many start ups are launched with lean start up principles to shorten the time to market. My services to start ups recognize lean principles while also providing firm feedback to keep you from overlooking the importance of establishing the appropriate protective protocols to support the sustainability of your produce or service. 

Performance Coaching

Preparing for a business pitch competition? Want to become a more confident driver on the road or lower your lap time around some of the beautiful race tracks in the region? I can work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure you build your own Performance Driven mindset.

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