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Business Coaching and Management Consulting
Flexible, Personalized, Professional

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how Performance Driven, LLC, can work with you and your business to keep you confidently in control and in the driver’s seat as you encounter the twists and turns on the road to success!

Business Coaching

For small businesses that value professional guidance and accountability, my business coaching services can help business owners and their teams accomplish a variety of different objectives. Business coaching sessions include dedicated in-person, phone, or internet video meetings of up to 90 minutes per session. The coaching program also includes “on call access” where I am available via phone/video calls, text-messages, or emails to provide additional feedback and guidance.

Coaching sessions provide the opportunity for detailed and productive conversations to review business activity, develop strategic goals and fine-tune tactical objectives. Sometimes, a business owner will want me to coach not only him or her, but also their sales manager, account representatives, their back-office staff, or multiple departments. Additional charges apply for these group and multi-department sessions.


If a coaching sessions results in a management consulting project engagement, your payment for the coaching session is applied toward the management consulting service.


Business coaching sessions can be purchased individually.  For an even better value, purchase a bundle of four sessions and save! Sessions can be used whenever you need them and are scheduled to suit your preference whenever possible. 

Single Session: $150
Four Sessions: $500 - save $100 when you buy a package of four sessions!

Management Consulting

Extensive turn-key services consisting of one to multiple months of a formal "boots on the ground" engagement. Great option to achieve specific results in a timely period. Best suited for established small to medium sized businesses. Clients are typically in a growth phase but have not yet reached a point where they need to or can afford to hire a full-time CFO/COO.


Engagements typically last between one to six months with the payment divided into an agreed upon schedule. Engagements are renewable and do not require long-term commitments. Consulting engagements are typically used to execute strategic initiatives, provide operations assessments, provide training, hold performance reviews, perform financial analysis and valuations, and other specific activities, such as event management.

Consulting Engagements start at $1,500


Concierge Services

For startup entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or individuals who are working on a side hustle while maintaining a full-time job, I charge a flat fee for transactional tasks. Transactional tasks include reviewing draft stage business plans, coaching in preparation for lender interviews or investor pitches, as well as event management.


$75/hour for Business Coaching clients.

$150/hour without a Business Coaching Agreement.

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