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In addition to business consulting, I help high net worth clients develop their driving skills so they can fully enjoy their motorsports hobby and feel greater satisfaction from their driving. 


I want to share those same techniques with you so you can feel more confident in your daily driver. My driver coaching sessions are designed for public roads. They are  not designed to turn you in to a racer. Instead, my goal as your driver coach is to develop your awareness of the driving environment as a licensed driver behind the wheel so you can have the confidence to fully control your vehicle in a number of different situations and in a variety of different weather conditions. As you hone these techniques, you will become a better driver whether you are driving through spirited S curves on twisty back roads or simply picking your way through urban traffic. You drive your car. Coaching sessions are held rain or shine. 


Driver coaching can occur within an Urban environment (UR) or a Back Road environment (BR).


In Urban environments, coaching sessions will focus on diagnosing and correcting issues related to navigating, fitting into parking places, correctly merging into and exiting out of the correct traffic lane, "reading" traffic, and setting up your vehicle to give you the best view, feel, and reach of the controls as a driver, including coaching to givve you greater confidence in manually selecting the right gear for your manual (or automatic!) vehicle.


In UR, our goal will be to understand that although what happens around us may be out of our control, we can nontheless stay in command. 

BR environments are geared for  lovers of Sunday drives and for those who have developed a keen sense of exhiliration while traveling around the twisty, spirited hills of Kentucky's horse country. BR coaching starts with three baseline packages to develop and set fundamental skills needed on the various roadways you may encounter while driving through our picturesque agricultural landscapes.


BR coaching starts with three set courses on three different sections of roadways. All initial rendezvous points are within twenty miles of Lexington. You drive your car. Coaching sessions are held rain or shine. 


Coaching for both UR and BR will be conducted in three ways: 

1. Lead - Follow with two-way hands free radio communications (provided) or via cell phones on speaker/Bluetooth connectivity. 

2. In car with me as your passenger (facecoverings/masks must be worn at this time.) 

3. A preliminary virtual drive of the road to discuss and introduce the concepts we'll cover on the road.


UR/BR driver coaching sessions are billed at $150/90 minutes. UR are more "free range" in style while BR coaching sessions feature a graduated curriculum of three set courses on three different routes before a "free range" approach can be taken. BRs are $150 per course.

Purchase all three BR coaching sessions in a single package at once for $400 and save $50! Car club members of any marque receive a 10% discount. 

Drivers Receive: 

Light, individually wrapped refreshments at various checkpoints.

Approximately 90 Minutes of One-on-One Coaching.

Driver's Notes For Each Coaching Session.

Preliminary Virtual Introductions and Post Drive Debriefs.

Performance Driven Themed Motorsports Swag

Invitation to join FREE Driving Tours



  • Certified Driver Coach, Tire Rack Street Survival

  • SCCA Time Trials License

  • SCCA Time Trials Races, Multiple Podium Finishes

  • Motorsports Safety Foundation High Performance Driver Education Instructor Certification Level I

  • Multiple BMW Performance Center Driving Schools

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation BRC 1 & BRC 2

  • Lee Parks’ Total Control Levels I & II

  • Multiple Car & Motorcycle Track and HPDE Events

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