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Driver Coaching

A Performance Driven mindset is fueled by passion. My passion for helping people perform better in the urban board room matches my passion for making sure people arrive safely to the tasting room hidden away on a twisty, scenic back road.

My driver coaching sessions are designed to make you a higher skilled, safer driver on public roads. They are not designed to turn you in to a racer - you'll have to join me out on track weekends for closed-course motorsports activities if you want to blatantly drive as if there are no speed limits! My goal as your driver coach is to develop your awareness of the driving environment as a licensed driver and to build your skillset to keep you firmly in command, even if traffic seems out of control.  


You will gain the ability to confidently drive your vehicle in a number of different environments and in a variety of different weather conditions. As you hone different driving techniques, you will become a safer, higher skilled driver on spirited S curves on twisty back roads or simply picking your way through urban traffic. 


Driver Coaching Program Delivery

Drivers receive coaching in Urban Environments (city streets, highways) and Back Road Environments (two lane, single lane scenic routes). Coaching is delivered in three parts, all included with each coaching session.  

1. Preliminary virtual conference.

An online meeting will be scheduled a day or two prior to the on road appointment). Plan to take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to discuss your experience and goals, map a course of action, and use online maps and videos to introduce the concepts we'll cover on the road.

2. On Road Driving.

The driving portion of the coaching session will include technique practice and skill development away from traffic. We will utilize a Lead - Follow system with two-way hands free radio communications (provided) or via cell phones on speaker/Bluetooth connectivity. In car demonstrations and passenger seat analysis will also occur. (In car demonstrations not available while Covid-19 restrictions are in place). Plan on spending between 60 - 90 minutes in the on-road portion of the coaching session. 

3. After Drive Review

After each driving session, we will pull out of traffic to celebrate your accomplishments, discuss any challenges, and develop a road map for continuing your advanced learning of various driving skills and techniques. Plan on spending approximately 30 minutes debriefing your coaching session.

Learn More about your Driver Coaching Options

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Carefree Drive

Additional Benefits to Drivers

Motorsports Experience


Driving Affiliations

  • Certified Driver Coach, Tire Rack Street Survival

  • Tour Director, Keeneland Concours d'Elegance/Tour d'Elegance

  • President, Bluegrass Bimmers BMW Car Club of America

  • Chief Operating Officer, GorillaShine Detailing Studios

  • Motorsports Safety Foundation HPDE Instructor Certification Level I

  • SCCA Time Trials License

  • SCCA Time Trials races with Podium Finishes at NCM Motorsports Park and Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

  • Multiple BMW Performance Center Driving Schools

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation BRC 1 & BRC 2

  • Lee Parks’ Total Control Levels I & II

  • Multiple Car & Motorcycle track events, including dozens of High Performance Driving Education Events in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and Indiana. 

Driver Coaching

Program Cost

$175 per Urban Environment coaching session. Each session includes more than 2.5 hours of one - on - one driver coaching.  

$225 per Back Road Environment stage in a formal three stage coaching curriculum. Each stage includes a preliminary driver's meeting, an exciting curriculum developed for safe, technical driving on public roads, and an after action review to discuss the lessons in each stage. Driver's who complete all three stages receive a complimentary guided driving tour for themselves and up to three passengers to a venue in the Bluegrass region for a curated experience. 

A Performance Driven driver coaching session is not a driving school. Driver coaching sessions aim to develop your understanding of the driving environment and your skills as a licensed, insured driver.  

Additionally, drivers will receive: 

  • Preliminary Virtual Introductions and After Action Reviews.

  • A driving experience tailored to meet goals that will improve your driving technique and enhance your skills as a driver, improving the safety margin for you and your passengers. 

  • Approximately 2.5 hours of one - on - one coaching per session.

  • Light, individually wrapped refreshments at various checkpoints.

  • Driver's Notes For Each Coaching Session.

  • Performance Driven Motorsports Swag.

  • Invitation to join professionally curated driving tours and venue visits. 

  • Driver's who complete all three Back Road Environment stages receive a complimentary guided driving tour for themselves and up to three passengers to a venue in the Bluegrass, creating a unique experience for your friends and family. 

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