As current and former President of community civic organizations and board member of area non-profits, I volunteer my time and resources to the community. As Founder of my company, I continue to uphold my proud legacy of community service.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, I am taking an active role in helping local small business owners. A $125 coaching session is specially priced and made available to community supporters for $50.


Give the gift of a coaching session to your favorite small business owner. They will have access to resources that will empower them to develop a sustainable business model even in these unprecedented times.

I can help make sure you or your favorite local business has a sustainable business model to carry your favorite local business through these unprecedented times of upheaval in our small business community.

I am happy to extend a special gift coaching session price of only $50 to supporters of the local business economy while we all band together to combat the spread of the virus in Kentucky.

Single Coaching
Session as a Gift: $50
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I have the combination of being both a former community banker and a small business consultant with more than $15 million dollars in SBA small business loan guarantees - and multiple clients who I directly helped get recognized as SBA Kentucky Business Persons of the Year.

As the purchaser, you will receive an email to confirm the business owner you want to receive the coaching session. You will also be mailed a survey completed by your selected business owner so they can tell you how your gift empowered their business. You will also receive a Performance Driven key flag to show your support for local businesses!

Single Coaching
Session as a Gift: $50

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