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Many thanks to the community supporters and business owners who purchased coaching session packages during the COVID-19 related business closures. Together, we all contribute good ideas, hard work, and a passion for success to ensure we stay Performance Driven

Don't forget, as the closure period ends and businesses are allowed to reopen, the coaching sessions purchased under the CV-19 program remain valid and are available for you to use whenever you would like to utilize your remaining coaching sessions.


Additional sessions can be purchased singularly or in four session packages.

Single Session: $150

Four Session Package: $500 

Sessions can be used when you are ready to use them!

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As current and former President of community civic organizations and board member of area non-profits, I volunteer my time and resources to the community. As Founder of my company, I continue to uphold my proud legacy of community service.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, I am taking an active role in helping local small business owners. A $125 coaching session is specially priced and made available to community supporters for $50.


Give the gift of a coaching session to your favorite small business owner. They will have access to resources that will empower them to develop a sustainable business model even in these unprecedented times.

I can help make sure you or your favorite local business has a sustainable business model to carry your favorite local business through these unprecedented times of upheaval in our small business community.

Thank you for supporting local businesses! 

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